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Select Your Member Type

Thank you for your interest in joining the Florida A&M University National Alumni Association. Please read the description of the member types below and select the one that's appropriate for you.

If you are already a paid member of the NAA, do not register for a new account!! Click here or click the "Contact Us" link at the top of the page to get started.

NAA Member Types

Alumni Membership
Persons who are graduates of the former Normal School, former Florida A&M College; and Florida A&M University, and persons who have completed at least one academic term and left in good standing, are eligible to become alumni Members in the Association. These eligible persons shall pay all applicable membership dues at the Chapter, Region, and National levels in order to become an Alumni Member.

Associate Membership
Associate Membership shall be granted to those persons who have not matriculated at Florida A&M University, but desire to pay the appropriate annual dues and pledge their allegiance and support to the University.

Recent University Graduate Membership
The first time a person graduates from FAMU, at the bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral level (one graduation only), the university graduates shall have their national membership dues waived for the first membership year as provided in the official Association’s “Transcendent Ceremony.” Recent graduates shall enjoy the same benefits alumni members with National Level Membership. Upon payment of applicable Chapter and Region dues within this first year, recent graduates shall then enjoy the same benefits as alumni members with Chapter affiliation.

Students Life Membership
A student, pursuing an undergraduate degree at the University, after completing the first academic term, may become a Life Member upon full payment of a five hundred ($500.00) dollar one-time assessment.

Subscribing Student Life Membership
An undergraduate student may also pay the $500 assessment in installments over their matriculation at the University until one (1) year after graduating from the University. Payment of the entire fee must be completed no later than one year after leaving the University.

Subscribing Student Life members will agree, however, that once the installments are begun, if the installments are not paid in full on or before the deadline then all
payments shall be forfeited to the Association.

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