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Acct. 1894 - S.O.S. (“Save Our Students”) Scholarship Retention Campaign

Acct. 1894 - S.O.S. (“Save Our Students”) Scholarship Retention Campaign Details » Donate Online

The FAMU NAA’s S.O.S. (“Save Our Students”) Scholarship Retention Campaign was launched during Black History Month in 2016 after the NAA learned that there were a significant number of documented students (the majority of them were seniors) who could not register for the spring semester due to overwhelming debt. Even though the university provided millions of dollars in institutional aid, talented students were still unable to afford to continue their education. Unfortunately, they had to withdraw from classes.

As a result of your generous giving, we were able to help 367 students stay in school and eventually earn their degrees from FAMU. This year, the alumni association set a $1,000,000 fundraising goal. At the 2017 FAMU alumni convention in May, we raised $362,000. This was a great accomplishment, but, it fell short of our 2017 fundraising goal. With the various changes in federal and state aid to higher education institutions, and to Florida A&M University in particular, student enrollment will be negatively affected since adequate funding is no longer available.


If you ask yourself, “What will I get for donating to S.O.S.?” Here are some great answers.

  • A tax deductible contribution
  • The distinguished privilege of being a donor to FAMU
  • The satisfaction of knowing your gift impacted a scholar’s opportunity to complete his/her studies at FAMU which helps prepare them to make significant contributions to their communities.
  • Recognition in the FAMU Foundation Annual Report (gifts of $100 or more)

 Consider making your donation today to support this important endeavor.

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