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Since the first five students graduated from the State Normal School For Colored Students in 1892, approximately 75,000 alumni have migrated all over this state, this nation and abroad. The success and significant accomplishments of these graduates are manifestations of the quality of their development at Florida A&M University and FAMU’s legacy of progressing and making the essential adjustments to meet the ever changing demands of society.

The alumni association was first organized in 1901 with Elias B. Evans, from Live Oak & the class of 1895 as president with a mission of helping to secure the Carnegie Library as well as raising funds for books. Under the next president in 1907, Everett Jones, class of 1895, the alumni association became a more statewide organization.

During the Association’s 112 years of existence, the FAMU National Alumni Association has provided the kind of leadership that has helped to create a spirit in alumni that is second to no other university in America. Alumni involvement in image building, student recruitment, fund raising, governmental affairs and other vital supportive activities has been essential to the welfare and survival of our alma mater. The Association has been led by 18 strong alumni presidents from 1901 to 2013. The 18 presidents include the following: Elias G. Evans, Everett B. Jones, Samuel Coleman, Everett Rolfe, Lucille Coleman, Horace D. Goode, Charles Wilson, James Gant, Leonard W. Johnson, Moses General Miles, Joseph L. Webster, Herman Davis, Nathaniel Pilate, Bernard Kinsey, Carolyn Collins, Alvin Bryant, Tommy Mitchell Sr., and current President Gregory L. Clark.

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The Mission of FAMU NAA

The Florida A&M University National Alumni Association (NAA), a non-profit organization, incorporated under the laws of the State of Florida, was established to serve its alumni and the University, to actively promote the interest of Florida A&M University as an institution of higher learning, research and public service, to focus on the educational needs of all Americans to support cultural diversity and equal access to a quality education at Florida A&M University. The NAA works to stimulate interest in the University among students, former students, graduates, family and friends of FAMU, corporate partners, and others while providing financial, moral and political support.

Chapter Operations Toolkit

Chapter Operations

Are you interested in starting a Florida A&M University Alumni Association in your area? Do you wanna learn more on how you can make your chapter more efficient? Looking for a way to connect with other chapters for best practice sharing?    Start Here. ->


Are you READY to take your membership program to the next level? Do you wanna learn more on how you can make your chapter more efficient? Looking for a way to connect with other chapters for best practice sharing?    Start Here. ->

Scholarship & Recruitment

Take our online training courses to expand your knowledge of university history and learn how you can be a STAR recruiter for FAMU. Engagement modules are designed to help you interact with future Rattlers and field “How to” questions from students and parents.    Start Here. ->

Governmental Affairs

Florida A&M University Alumni Association Members stay abreast of new and pending legislation that aids in advancing the FAMU Mission. To learn more about how you can get involved; ensuring FAMU Today, FAMU Tomorrow, FAMU Forever is a way of life for generations to come Start Here.->


Are you interested in organizing efforts that attract money and services needed to carry out the mission of the National Florida A&M University Alumni Association as well as your Local Alumni Association ? Are you looking to learn more on how chapters can combine efforts and resources while minimizing work and maximizing profits?   Start Here. ->

Media & Technology

Are you a new chapter or an existing chapter without web presence? Want to create a ROCKSTAR website or boost your social media presence? Unsure about where to start? We have provided a quick guide to help get you on your way to a striking new or “newly” updated chapter site.    Start Here. ->